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All Moms Deserve a Mother's Day Off!! 
Moms have a very difficult job (most important job in the world, some would say).  Moms have the incredible responsibility to raise a human. There's no real training and there's lots of room for mistakes.   Of course, it's all worth it but it's much more difficult than people realize.

Before you can take care of others, you have to take care of yourself.

The job unfortunately, doesn't come with weekends off, vacation or sick days.  Ideally, Moms should have at least one day to look forward to when they know they will be off the clock and they can truly relax and recharge.

Mother's Day 2014 @ 9:45pm, I was about to change into something comfortable (finally) when one of my kids said to me "I hope you had a great Mother's Day."  I smiled and thought to myself that it was a nice day but I was exhausted after a very busy Mother's Day with family.  

So ... Mother's Day Off (MDO) was created for Moms to have a designated day when they know they can have fun with other Moms while they relax, recharge and enjoy a real "day off!"

Mother's Day Off is trademarked.

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