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MDO # 8!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

9am-12pm:  Paddle Party @ Paddle House Redondo Beach!

5pm-???:  MDO Talent Show/Karaoke/Dance Party!



PART ONE (9am-12pm) @ Paddle House Redondo Beach: 

Celebrate our special day off with a fun group of Moms and a gorgeous setting @ the MDO #8 Paddle Party!!  

We'll be relaxing on the waterfront enjoying music & drinks before and after our fun & easy paddle session! 

Sit, kneel or stand-up on a paddle board as we glide around the flat and calm marina.  We'll go to a great spot nearby to sit on our boards in a large shallow area to enjoy the beautiful day with music & drinks & amazing Moms!

Need to stay on land?  No problem!  You can relax and have fun in our private area. 

Want to invite a friend?  No problem!  Guests are great!  If you're going to paddle, please Venmo $40 to @shawn-giaconi (before or after event).  Complimentary SUP lessons available if desired.

FYI - cute clothes, bathing suits, cup holders, water bag for your phone, changing rooms and more are available inside along with lockers (please bring a lock if you plan to use one).

PART TWO (5pm-???) @ Giaconi House: 

Back by popular demand is the MDO Talent Show!!  Moms have a chance to perform on the rented stage and receive an official MDO Talent Show medal!  We'll also be doing karaoke, dancing and whatever we wanna do!!  

If you plan to perform, please send details beforehand if possible.  

Friends are definitely welcome!!    

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